China going to build powerful spy base in Cuba located only 160 km from Florida

china and Us

Havana: Due to its expansionist thinking, China is becoming the cause of a new problem for many countries of the world. America, which is considered to be the most powerful among them, is also surprised. China is on its way to repeating history just as the Soviet Union did. This is because China is going to build a very powerful espionage base in Cuba. This Chinese base is located just 160 km from Florida, USA.

In fact, during the Cold War in 1962, the Soviet Union government had put the world on the brink of nuclear war by deploying missiles equipped with nuclear weapons in its neighboring country Cuba to scare America. Now again after 61 years, once again the possibility of the Cuban crisis is arising. China wants to set up a center for eavesdropping on electronic conversations in Cuba. It is believed that with the help of this, China will be able to spy on South-East America, which is the center of many US military bases. With the help of these bases, China is working on a plan to easily monitor every movement of American ships. The Wall Street General newspaper has disclosed the plan for this Chinese base.

Conspiracy near America’s largest military base
America’s Central Command has its headquarters in Tampa, South-Eastern America. Apart from this, there is Fort Liberty in North Carolina, which is the largest military base in America. The principal agreements between China and Cuba on the spy bases are also being confirmed by American officials. According to media reports, China will give several billion dollars to Cuba in exchange for these spy bases.

What America said on the spy base in Cuba
At the same time, Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, spokesman for the US Ministry of Defense, said about this, “We are not aware that China and Cuba are building a new type of espionage center.” Carlos Fernandez, Cuba’s Deputy Foreign Minister in Havana rejected this report and said that it is a fake report. He said that America is making such fake talks to justify the long-standing economic sanctions on Cuba.

china and Us

China has sent spy balloons to America
The confrontation between America and China is not new. America and China have been face-to-face for a long time. China is Russia’s biggest ally and this is also a major reason for its conflict with America. China’s spy balloon was shot down by America on its east coast in the past. Now American leaders are targeting the Biden government regarding the Cuban report.