Bus crash in Cameroon, 37 dead, 18 injured

Bus crash in Cameroon

Yaounde: 37 people were killed and 18 others were injured in a bus accident in Namale, located in the western part of the African country of Cameron. A senior government official in the area, Absalom Monono, said that the 70-seater bus was coming from the western city of Foumban to the capital Yaounde, only to save the crowds of people coming on the road at two o’clock on Saturday-Sunday night. I crashed into the truck.

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“Most of the passengers on the bus were either going to celebrate the New Year with their families or returning after celebrating Christmas, or businessmen who were going to deliver New Year gifts,” he said. After the accident, villagers rushed to the bus to help more than 60 passengers. The official said the death toll may increase as rescue workers are still clearing the debris of the crashed bus.