Britain appeals to world leaders to unite against Covid-19

Boris Johnson

London: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that the Corona Virus epidemic has disturbed relations between countries. He urged world leaders to unite against the “common enemy” of Covid-19. Johnson said in a previously recorded address to the United Nations General Assembly that the perception of the international community during the nine months of the epidemic appears to be scattered.

It should never happen again that we have to conduct 193 separate campaigns against the same enemy. Johnson also outlined plans to prevent other global epidemics. His plan includes establishing a network of push-pull research labs and identifying dangerous viruses before animals enter humans.

The British Prime Minister himself was infected with Covid-19 and had to spend three nights in the ICU. He appealed to countries to share data to create an early warning system to explain the outbreak of the disease and said that countries should not control the export of essential goods like many countries have done during the epidemic.

Johnson has also committed $ 63.6 million to help 92 poor countries of the world get the vaccine when the coronavirus vaccine becomes available. He said that the UK World Health Organization funding increased by 30 percent in the next four years.