Big claim of Nigerian scientist, More new forms of coronavirus will be revealed

corona varients

Lagos: Amidst growing concerns worldwide about the new form of Corona Virus infection that has surfaced in Britain and South Africa, a scientist from Nigeria has said that Many more new forms of Covid-19 will be revealed.

Scientist Omilabu of Nigeria has done genetic analysis of its samples in order to get information about different variants of Covid-19 in the country in view of increasing cases of Coronavirus infection, To help prevent the spread.

corona varients

Omilabu said, “The forms of the virus found in Britain and South Africa are different from those found in Nigeria.” He said that changing the virus to a different form is not an extraordinary thing. Omilabu said, “I think we have to keep our mind calm as more new forms of infection are coming out.”

Viral scientist Omilabu said on Sunday that collecting information about the nature of the Covid-19 infection spreading in the country could help prevent the spread of the disease in Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with 196 million people.

According to data released on Sunday by the Center for Africa Disease Control and Management, there have been 89,163 confirmed infections in Nigeria, of which 1,302 people have died. Omilabu, director of the ‘Center for Human and Zoonotic Virology’ at ‘Lagos University College of Medicine and Teaching Hospital’, said that new cases of infection are increasing in Nigeria, but not sure yet. Whether these people are infected with the new form of infection or not.

He said that research needs to be done to find out if the cause of the infection has spread more rapidly than before or whether it is found in the country or not.