Australia to invest $ 270 billion to increase its defense capabilities


Melbourne: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that 270 billion Australian dollars would be invested in the coming decade to modernize the country’s defense capabilities. He said that in view of China’s aggressive tone in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region, this step would be taken to prevent any kind of “invasion” or retaliation. The Prime Minister said, “The emerging challenges in the Indo-Pacific region means that we must adopt a new approach that will prevent activities that are contrary to our interests.” Morrison said the Indian Pacific region had become a center of strategic competition and tension. China’s growing military and economic impact in the Indian Pacific is a matter of concern for various countries in the region. China is also embroiled in a territorial dispute in the South and the East China Sea.


Beijing has built military bases in these areas on several islands under its control. Both regions have reserves of minerals, oil and other natural resources which are important for global trade. Morrison said that along with fighting Kovid-19, we should also prepare for the post-Kovid world which is likely to be more prone to poverty, danger and uncertainty. The Prime Minister told a news channel, “We should be prepared for the possible dangers. Strategic competition between China and the US will mean extreme tension. ” In an official statement, Morrison said that $ 270 billion would be invested to increase the capacity of the Australian Armed Forces to protect the country’s interests and resources.