America shocked China, ordered to close the embassy in 72 hours


America: America-China relations are becoming more and more stressful day by day due to coronavirus infection. US President Donald is not leaving any chance to criticize China with his meetings. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has given a big blow to China. The US has ordered China to close its consulate in Houston within 72 hours. This information was given by China’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.


These days, tensions are increasing between America and China. The Trump administration, which has always criticized China, has instructed China to close the consulate. “We were informed of the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston on Tuesday,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said. After which China warned the US that, America should withdraw this decision, otherwise, China will also take necessary and appropriate steps against this decision.

Wang said, this unilateral and inflammatory steps are being taken by the US. In a way it violates international law and bilateral agreements. This will deteriorate relations between the two countries. This decision of the US has been severely criticized by China.

Documents burned in embassy after order
Documents were burnt at the embassy shortly after the order to close the Chinese consulate. A video was released by the KPRC local channel in this regard. Documents are being burnt in the dark in the embassy area in the video. An official said that the local police and fire brigade did not enter the embassy.