America is preparing for long war with China

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US-Pakistan relationship reached a low level, the US preparing for war with China.
Tensions in the US and China heighten over the South China Sea and Hong Kong, both threatening each other.
US warships conducting exercises in the South China Sea, the US providing military aid to Taiwan.

Washington: Pakistan, once America’s most important in South Asia, has now lost its trust. Leaving Pakistan playing on China’s lap, America is now preparing for a long battle against the Dragon. Recently Pakistan has openly promised to support China on every front. Pakistan has not only supported the One China policy but has also spoken of standing steadfastly with China on the issue of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Pakistan’s importance is over
According to the European Foundation for South Asian Studies, Pakistan, a special friend of China, no longer holds the same importance to the United States as it did during the Afghanistan War. The US has been seeking the help of Pakistan to stop Russia’s advance in Asia and strengthen itself strategically. However, equations have changed in recent days following tensions with China.

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Ban on subsidy
The US has not only isolated Pakistan but has also stopped many financial aid. Financial aid to Pakistan was abolished during the regime from Obama to Trump. Not only this, in recent times the US has also refused to give military assistance to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s anti-terror steps are not permanent
A top US diplomat said the Trump administration was pressuring Islamabad to take “credible steps” to wipe out terrorist groups. He also said that the recent counter-terrorism measures like prosecution and conviction of JUD chief Hafiz Saeed from Islamabad are important but not sustainable.

US in preparation for tough action against China, White House said – wait for action

US support for Tibetan autonomy
The US has again openly expressed its support for meaningful autonomy of the Tibetan people. The US Secretary of State said that we are determined to work for the basic and non-transferable human rights of the Tibetan people, to preserve their specific religion, culture and linguistic identity. The exiled religious leader of Tibet living in India, the Dalai Lama has been demanding meaningful autonomy for the people of Tibet. But China considers the 85-year-old Dalai Lama a separatist.

US gave Taiwan Patriot missile, China said – Do not play with fire

American NSA told Jinping the dictator
US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said that Chinese Communist Party Secretary General Xi Jinping sees himself as the successor of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. Not only this, the American NSA also said during an event in Phoenix that our days of tolerance and naivety are over. We will now take action to rein in the spread of the Communist Party and its ideology. America has now become aware of the dangers caused by the Communist Party of China.

Three US nuclear aircraft carriers deployed
The US has already deployed three of its nuclear aircraft carriers near Taiwan. Two of which are conducting maneuvers with Taiwan and the rest of the Allied countries, while the third aircraft carrier is patrolling near Japan. The three aircraft carriers the US has deployed in the Pacific Ocean are the USS Theodore Roosevelt, the USS Nimitz and the USS Ronald Reagan.

America is not sending military like this
America has the most modern military and weapons in the world. According to the Global Fire Power Index, which estimates the military strength of countries around the world, the US is far ahead of the rest of the world in terms of Army, Navy and Airforce in the list of 137 countries. According to the US Ministry of Defense, the US has 800 military bases in the world. More than 100 of them are in the Gulf countries. Where 60 to 70 thousand soldiers are stationed.

Which countries in Asia are threatened by China
India is most threatened by China’s expansionist policies in Asia. A direct example of this is found in the gathering of the Chinese army in Ladakh. Apart from this, tensions are high in China and Japan on the islands located in the East China Sea. Recently, Japan had driven a Chinese submarine out of its waters. China has also openly threatened the use of military forces on Taiwan. These days Chinese fighter jets have also violated Taiwan’s airspace several times. At the same time, China also has disputes with the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia.

More than 2 lakh US soldiers in Asia
According to data from the International Crisis Group of the Federation of American Scientists, more than 2 million US Army personnel around China are ready all the time in Asia and are able to deal with any unforeseen situation. At the same time, under the siege of China, America is preparing to swim its army in more number of Asia. This is expected to cause controversy and deepening. Know where the US military base is in Asia:

Diageo Garcia on the Indian Ocean
Diageo Garcia, located near the Maldives, has an American Navy and a British Navy. This island has been built since colonial times.