Allow people of Indian origin to visit the country for medical emergencies

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New York: An eminent social worker here has requested the Indian authorities to expedite the process of allowing people of Indian origin to go to the country who have a US passport but do not have an OCI card and their family will have some kind of medical care there. Is experiencing an emergency. Jaipur Foot America chief Prem Bhandari has written a letter to Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla in this regard. Bhandari has helped repatriate many Indians stranded in the US amid the Kovid-19 global epidemic. He urged Bhalla to facilitate quick travel for those of Indian origin who have foreign passports but may have visas or foreign Indian nationals (OCI) to visit India during the global epidemic. ) Is not a card.

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In May, the Indian government banned all existing visas granted to foreign nationals except for certain categories until international flights to and from India were suspended due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. However, the Government of India had allowed certain categories of OCI card holders to travel to the country who were stranded abroad. Bhandari said that he is aware of many cases where a person of Indian origin who holds a foreign passport with a visa but does not have an OCI card and who suffers the death of a parent or family member or a medical emergency by a member Can’t go to India in emergency situations like being carried out. He said in the letter, “As you know there are many people of Indian origin who have passports but not Visa or OCI cards. But it is very important for them to go to India but they are not able to go due to visa or OCI requirements which in itself is a very long process. ” Bhandari accelerated this process by requesting people of Indian origin in the visa process and airline seats and requested for faster authentication of appropriate documents.