Algorithm question implicated in TickTalk’s US operations sales: report


Washington: The question of App’s core “Algorithm” is stuck in the conversation of selling the US operations of TikTok. According to a report by Wallstreet Journal, whether the app’s algorithm can be made part of the deal, the negotiations are stuck here. The Wallstreet Journal has published the report through sources aware of the development without revealing its identity.

According to the report, this algorithm of the app determines which video a user will watch without following another user or choosing their preference. As of Friday, the algorithm was considered part of the deal. That’s when the Chinese government announced a ban on exports involving artificial intelligence technology. Ticketock’s algorithm has also come under its ambit, which is one of its biggest forces.


China’s move appears to have been taken in response to President Donald Trump’s attempts to sell Ticketock’s US operations by 20 September. Due to this export restriction, ByteDance Limited, the Chinese proprietor company of Tittock, will have to take a license to export the banned technology to a foreign company. Now the question is whether the Chinese government will have to take permission from the Chinese government to give this algorithm to someone else, and if so, will the Chinese government allow it.

The Journal said in its report that both the prospective buyer and the selling company are trying to find a solution in this regard. It is noteworthy that Microsoft-Walmart and Oracle etc. are potential purchasers of Ticketcock’s US operations. Ticketcock has not received any response to questions sent on Tuesday. Microsoft, Oracle and Walmart also declined to comment.