10 kg gold missing from Nepal’s Pashupatinath temple, ‘Jalhari’ will be reinstated after the repair

Pashupatinath temple Nepal

Kathmandu: Nepal’s top anti-corruption body has launched a probe into the missing gold in the ‘Jalhari’ inside the Pashupatinath temple amid growing claims of irregularities in the making of the newly installed jewel. This information was given on Monday in the news that came from the media. Jalhari is the foundation on which the Shivling is established. It is in the inner sanctum of Pashupatinath Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu. The temple was closed for devotees on Sunday after the government directed the ‘Commission to Investigate Abuse of Authority (CIAA) to probe reports that 10 kg of gold went missing from Jalhari.

A special team of CIAA successfully weighed the gold. The weighing process started at 6 pm on Sunday and ended at 2 am on Monday. “The process of weighing the water body has been completed, and taking into account the water body’s fractured structure, we are currently conducting a final assessment to determine its total weight,” My Republica website quoted an official source as saying. Have been.

While the source indicated that preliminary measurements showed a reduction in the weight of the water strider, the exact extent of the weight loss was not confirmed. The source has been quoted as saying in the news, ‘We can give further information only after the final evaluation is completed.’

Pashupatinath temple Nepal

It was said in the news that after repair Jalhari will be re-established in Pashupatinath temple. The CIAA investigation followed a complaint about irregularities around Jalhari. The Pashupati Area Development Authority claimed that it had bought 103 kg of gold to make Jalhari, but 10 kg of gold was missing from the jewelry. Several security personnel, including Nepal Army personnel, were deployed to the Pashupati temple complex for the investigation process.