Now the delivery of goods will be done through suitcases from space in world

suitcases from space

New Delhi: In the era of information technology, the way the world is shrinking, it is a challenge to get goods fast from place to place in the world. In this direction also innovations are coming out in the form of new efforts. Packers and movers are also using cargo aircraft and drone delivery. But a US start-up company has designed a special space capsule that will serve to deliver goods from outer space to every corner of the world. With this technology, there is a possibility of a big change in the system of delivery of goods in the world and the mechanism of the supply chain.

Anywhere in the world
America’s one-year-old company named Inversion Space says that it can deliver goods from space anywhere in the world through its new space capsule. This Los Angeles-based startup company has raised $10 million in 2021 so that it can develop a re-entry capsule to bring stuff from space to Earth.

Useful for many industries
The company wants to build this return vehicle for the commercial and defense industries, which can help with global supply distribution as well as supply and return to and from the space station. This reusable capsule will be capable of coming from space many times and will also be able to deliver goods to the International Space Station.

suitcases from space

In the space market
NASA is also conducting research and promoting the private sector to promote such efforts. Reusable capsules can make a huge contribution to the new space market. Currently, the company is working on developing a four-foot-diameter capsule that can carry luggage that fits into a suitcase of this size.

Parachute test
This particular type of suitcase and its mechanism is expected to be developed by the year 2025. Before that, engineers are testing a 1.5-foot diameter capsule, which is being called Ray. It will serve as a technical demonstrator. Inversion recently conducted Ray’s parachute test, in which a saucer-like object was dropped through an airplane from an altitude of 30,000 feet.

The capsule will spin on its own in space
When this system is fully developed, the spacecraft will hit Earth’s outer atmosphere at 25 times the speed of sound and use a parachute for a soft landing. The company told the New York Times that once it reaches its orbit, the capsule will either find its own way to the private commercial space station or remain in its own orbit.

Thousands of containers in the coming years
For this, the capsule will use solar energy. The company will demonstrate the technology of small capsules in the year 2023. With the advent of private players, the cost of launch in the space sector is getting reduced considerably. In such a situation, the company hopes that one day they will also be able to bear the cost of maintaining thousands of containers in space for five years.