Neuralink Seeks Paralyzed Volunteer for Brain-Computer Interface Experiment


New Delhi: Neuralink, a company founded by Elon Musk, is looking for a volunteer who is willing to undergo a groundbreaking brain-computer interface experiment. The volunteer would have to agree to have a part of their skull removed and replaced with a computer chip that would connect their brain to a wireless device.

The experiment, which is Neuralink’s first-ever clinical trial, aims to test the feasibility and safety of implanting electrodes and thin wires into the brain using a robot. The electrodes and wires would record the brain activity of the volunteer and transmit it to a laptop or tablet, where it could be decoded and analyzed.

The goal of Neuralink is to create a system that can read a person’s thoughts and translate them into commands for a computer, allowing the person to control devices, access information, and communicate with other brains. Neuralink envisions a future where humans and machines can merge and enhance each other’s capabilities.

However, the experiment is not for everyone. Neuralink is looking for a specific type of volunteer who meets the following criteria:

  • They are under 40 years old
  • They have paralysis in all four limbs
  • They are willing to undergo risky and invasive surgery
  • They are willing to participate in a long-term study

According to Bloomberg/Ashlee Vance, who reported on the experiment, thousands of people have already applied to be volunteers, despite the potential dangers and uncertainties. Neuralink has not yet announced when the experiment will take place or who the volunteer will be.