Japan made the world’s fastest computer!


Japan’s Riken Research Institute and Fujitsu Ltd. Has made the world’s fastest computer. This computer is faster than the fastest computers in China and the US. In an independent survey, Japan’s supercomputer was ranked first and considered to be faster than US and Chinese supercomputers. This computer is installed at the Riken Center of Computational Science. This supercomputer will start all operations from the year 2021. From drug recovery to weather forecasting, this supercomputer can give information.

Computer has more than 1.5 lakh processors

According to a report of Top 500, more than 1.5 lakh processors have been used in this security computer. You can guess the speed of this computer in such a way that it is 2.8 times faster than other fast computers in the world. The Top 500 is a research organization that ranks these commuters 2 times a year.

Japan on top for the first time since 2011

Japan has secured the first position in this field after 9 years. In 2011, Fujitsu’s K Computer achieved the first ranking. Now Japan has secured the first position, overtaking China and the US.

Willing to compete with Intel Corp

This computer is built using the technology of SoftBank Group Corporations Arms Limited. Arms claims that this computer can also compete with Intel Corp. in the case of high performance computing.

Use of ARM processors in most smartphones

Arm processors are used in most smartphones around the world. Among these, Apple also uses these processors in its Mac computers soon. From 2021, this Japanese supercomputer will become fully functional.