Covid-19: Scientists develop a new vaccine producing antibodies


Washington: According to one study, scientists have developed a Covid-19 vaccine in which they produce antibodies that “completely neutralize” the coronavirus from the same vaccine in mice and mammals. A scientist of Indian origin is also among the scientists studying this. Researchers, including Amit Khandar of US-based biotech company PAI Life Sciences, reported that the vaccine’s effects begin within two weeks of injecting muscle. According to the study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, the effect of the “replicating RNA vaccine” was shown to neutralize the coronavirus in mice.


Scientists reported that this type of vaccine reflects a high amount of protein, and also activates a virus-sensitized stress response that enhances other immune systems. He said that RNA vaccines are transported into cells using a ‘lipid inorganic nanoparticle’ (LEON) chemical system developed by HDT Bio Corp., a US-based biotechnology company.

The nanoparticle, according to scientists, enhances the vaccine’s desired immune response and also maintains its stability. He stated that the vaccine remains stable at room temperature for at least one week. The researchers said in a statement to the press, “Its components will allow it to be manufactured in large quantities rapidly and should prove to be safe and effective in human trials.” Scientists said they are currently working to advance the phase one trial of the vaccine in people.