Corona spread in air will end, scientists claim to make ‘air filter’


Houston (United States): Scientists have claimed to create a filter that catches the novel coronavirus in the air and kills the virus immediately. This invention of scientists can help prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in closed places such as schools, hospitals, and airplanes. According to the study published in the journal Materials Today Physics, this air filter eliminated 99.8% of the novel coronavirus in the air passing through it. The study stated that the device was made by heating commercially available nickel foam to 200 ° C. It destroyed 99.9 percent of the spores of the deadly bacterium Bacillus anthracis. Bacillus anthracis causes anthrax disease.

“This filter may prove useful in preventing Covid-19 from spreading in airports and airplanes, in office buildings, schools, and cruise ships,” said Zifeng Ren, a US University of Houston (UH) study. He said, “Its ability to help prevent the virus from spreading can prove very useful for society.” According to the scientists, since the virus could remain in the air for about three hours, there was a plan to create a filter that would eliminate it soon and due to the resumption of operations around the world, they believe that controlling the virus in closed places Is necessary. Ren said that nickel foam serves many important needs. The researchers said in a statement, “It is porous that allows air to flow and is also an electrical conductor that allowed it to heat up. It is also flexible. ” Researchers have sought to make the device available in a phased manner.