Wife’s Corona sample sent as maid, FIR on doctor after report came positive

doctor positive

Bhopal: In Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, a government doctor has been accused of hiding information about Corona positive wife. It is alleged that the doctor sent a sample of his wife involved in a wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Prades) in the name of her maid. The sample was sent for examination after symptoms of coronavirus infection in the wife. It is being told that the doctor took this step for the purpose of hiding information. Police have registered a crime against them under the Pandemic Act.

According to media reports, BMO Dr Abhay Ranjan Singh posted at Khutar Health Center in Singrauli along with his family had gone to Ballia in eastern UP on June 23 to attend the wedding. He returned on 1 July, but instead of quarantining himself and his family, has been working. Meanwhile, the symptoms of Kovid-19 were found in his wife. After this, the doctor sent samples of the wife for examination in the name of her house maid. After the sample report came to Corona positive, the team of doctors reached the housekeeper’s house. After this the fraud was revealed.

The doctor is also corona positive

After the disclosure, the health department team reached BMO Dr. Singh’s house. After this, other family members were also investigated. In this, two other members of the family, including Dr. Singh, were found to be Corona positive. Arun Pandey, in charge of Baidhan police station of Singrauli, said that an FIR has been lodged against the doctor under the provisions of the Pandemic Act and the Disaster Management Act. Once he is cured of viral infection, action will be taken against him. At present, 33 government employees who came in contact with the doctor have been quarantined, including a sub-divisional magistrate.