Why Tomato and other vegetable prices soaring high throughout India?

Tomato and other vegetable prices

New Delhi: It seems that the prices of tomatoes and other vegetables are rising quickly in many Indian states. Some of the reasons for this are supply disruption caused by rain in the producing regions, high demand during the festive season, and inflation. Tomato prices have reached up to Rs 155 per kg in some markets, while other vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, green chilies, and ginger have also seen a significant price surge.

This is affecting the common people as well as the farmers and traders. The government has said that this is a seasonal phenomenon and the prices are expected to cool down in the next 15 days and normalize in a month.

Tomato prices have reached Rs 150 to 180 per kg in many parts of the country including Delhi-NCR. The prices of tomatoes as well as other vegetables have now shot up.

Talking about the capital Delhi, the prices of vegetables have increased here. Tomatoes are available at Rs 129 per kg in Delhi’s Safal store. On this, a customer said, “It is very difficult for the common man, we have stopped eating tomatoes. When I went to the market yesterday, the tomato was Rs 160 there and here it is Rs 129. The government should think about this.

Tomato and other vegetable prices

So, in Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh, like in other districts, the prices of vegetables have increased. Here also a customer told, “The price of vegetables has increased a lot. Tomatoes are running here at Rs 150 per kg, but due to compulsion, everyone is taking vegetables little by little.

If seen, the tomato which was selling at Rs 40 to 50 per kg just a few weeks ago, has now become priced at Rs 130-150. At the same time, green chilies are now being sold at Rs 300-350 per kg, which was Rs 150 per kg a week ago. Similarly, prices of other vegetables have seen an increase of 30-50%.