WHO has application for Covaxin, Bharat Biotech said – will get approval by September

Bharat Biotech

New Delhi: Bharat Biotech, the manufacturer of the Coronavirus vaccine covaxine, has hoped that the World Health Organization will get its vaccine approved by July-September. The company has said that the WHO has also approved other biotech vaccines of Bharat Biotech earlier and the company’s experience with the global health institution has been excellent. Bharat Biotech said in its statement, “Covaxine is expected to be approved by the WHO by July-September 2021. The company said that the process of regulatory approval for cocaine is underway in over 60 countries. Has got approval to use emergency and is going to get in many countries. “

India Biotech has said in its statement that most countries have recommended vaccination against Covid 19, while non-vaccinated people can travel by getting the RT-PCR test if they have any travel related to the vaccine in the country. There should be a provision for restriction. In fact, people who have been given the covaxine vaccine are apprehensive that their plans to travel abroad may be cut due to India not being a biotech vaccine in the list of vaccines approved by WHO and many other countries.
Covaxine is not named in the list of vaccines approved by the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the European Union. The vaccines allowed by the World Health Organization include Pfizer, Moderna, and Covishield. However, the World Health Organization has asked for more documents from India Biotech.

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WHO gave information on the website?
According to a PTI report, the WHO has said that there is a need to get more information from Bharat Biotech, which wants to include its Covaxin vaccine in the Emergency Use List (EUL) for Covid-19. The latest guidelines report on ‘Status of Covid-19 Vaccines in WHO’s EUL Evaluation Procedure’ released on the WHO website on May 18, states that Bharat Biotech submitted EOI (Letter of Interest) on April 19 and from now on Need more information.

Bharat Biotech submits 90 percent of documents
According to the WHO, applications for granting permission for listing for the process of emergency use of vaccines are confidential. According to the agency, if any document submitted for evaluation is found to meet the criteria for inclusion in the list, the WHO will issue comprehensive results.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotak International Limited (BBIL) has told the government that it has submitted 90 percent of the documents to the WHO for inclusion of the Covaxin vaccine in the Emergency Use List (EUL). Sources in New Delhi gave this information on Monday.

‘Complete documents will be submitted by June’
According to sources, Bharat Biotech told the central government that the remaining documents can be submitted by June. Sources said that a meeting with BBIL on EUL was attended by the company’s Managing Director V. Krishna Mohan and his associates and senior officials of the Ministry of Health, Department of Biotechnology, and Ministry of External Affairs. Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringla also attended the meeting.