When can you take Covid booster after the second dose, Bharat Biotech MD told this important thing


New Delhi: Krishna Ella, chairman and managing director of Bharat Biotech, says that the appropriate time for the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is six months after the second dose. He also emphasized the importance of the nasal vaccine. Along with this, he also informed that his company Bharat Biotech is the first company in the world to develop Zika Vaccine. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reposed faith in India’s science by getting our company’s vaccine, Covaxin. He said this at the Times Now conference 2021.

He told that Bharat Biotech is also working on using the nasal vaccine as a booster dose because increasing its capacity is much easier than Covaxin. Describing the importance of the nasal vaccine, he said that the whole world is looking towards the nasal vaccine at this time. This is the only way by which the infection can be stopped. Everyone is trying to find out about its immunology, and it is a matter of coincidence that Bharat Biotech has found out about it.


Alla told that we are going to bring the nasal vaccine soon, he said that Bharat Biotech is of the view that Covaxin can be given as the first dose. And the second dose of the nasal vaccine should be given, it is important both strategically and scientifically because if the second dose is nasal, it will be easier to prevent infection. If someone is infected or someone has had the first dose, then the nasal vaccine works well on them.

Responding to the Prime Minister taking the vaccine, he said that what more does a scientist need if the head of the country is showing trust in him. There can be no greater satisfaction for any scientist than this. It instills confidence in Indian science, confidence in startups and new inventions. Talking about the Zika virus, he told that Bharat Biotech is ready with the Zika virus vaccine. Phase 1 has been completed. The government wants to do some more tests because some cases have increased further. We will be the first company in the world to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus in 2014.