What is the new step of Nepal which can worsen relations with India


The India-Nepal border dispute has been continuously deepening. After showing three parts of India in its political map, now Nepal is going to take a new step, which can spoil the relationship between the two countries. Actually, there is a preparation for making a new law, under which a woman who has reached Nepal after marrying a citizen of Nepal will have to wait for 7 years to get Nepalese citizenship. During these 7 years she will not be able to get any kind of political rights in Nepal. For marriage, a married identity card will be given to a woman married in Nepal. This step was recently taken against the move of Janata Samajwadi Party MP Sarita Giri, who opposed the attempt to claim Nepal’s Indian territories.

Sarita Giri

The bill has been implemented to release a new political map in Nepal. Under this, Nepal is considering Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura as its share. Even the President of Nepal has given his approval to the controversial map. Areas have been strategically important areas for India.

Nepalese MP of Indian origin Sarita Giri objected to these areas. He said that Kalapani is a part of India. Since then, there has been an uproar over this Hindu MP.

There has been uproar over MP Sarita Giri after protests on the new map of Nepal

Protesters put a black flag on his house and even demanded him for the exile. With this, Nepal is now preparing for a new rule. Under this, an Indian woman coming to Nepal by marrying will not get citizenship of Nepal immediately, but will have to wait for 7 years. On Saturday, the ruling Communist Party of Nepal has decided to change the citizenship rules.

It is believed that if these rules become law then it can have a very bad effect on the relationship between India and Nepal. Till now, the relationship between India and Nepal has been considered as a bread-daughter relationship. That is, both of the two countries can move from one area to another without any visa-passport. Along with this, marriages have also taken place. Especially, people living in the border areas, it is common to have a relationship from one country to another. In the year 1950, the relationship was further strengthened under the Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty.

Under the treaty, citizens of both the countries have got exemptions like settling in both countries, buying land. Under this, a woman who gets married in Nepal gets the citizenship of Nepal. The same rule is for women from Nepal in India too. However, amidst tensions between Nepal and India, the ruling Communist Party of Nepal has decided that women coming from India will be treated as citizens of Nepal even after permanently staying in Nepal for seven years. Meanwhile a residential certificate will be given for cultural and economic rights. After seven years, he will have to renounce his previous citizenship and show the certificate attached to it, only then he will get citizenship of Nepal.

This is happening on the Nepal map of India as a symbol of protest. Along with this, a big reason is the opposition of MP Sarita Giri on the map. As the leader of the Communist Party Bhim Rawal said that when the women of our country go to India by marriage, they have to wait for years. At the same time, on coming to Nepal, he gets citizenship immediately and many times he is given a ministerial post. This is being said in the context of MP Giri as a sarcasm. If this rule takes the form of law, then it can severely affect political as well as social relations between the two countries.

In this regard, Nepal’s Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa argued that the same happens to Nepali women who got married in India. However, this is not true. According to a report in India Today, this rule applies to women from other countries. Even after this, the Communist Party in Nepal has been saying the same thing for years. Even party leaders have been saying these things in TV interviews so that these things can sit in the minds of the people of Nepal. Even before, the party wanted to give it a form of constitution but this could not be possible due to the Madheshi community.

It is known that this area in the valley of Nepal has a deep connection with India. The number of Madheshis in Nepal is more than 125 million. His dialect is Maithili, as well as he also speaks Hindi and Nepali. He has a very old roti-beti relationship with India. Now Nepal is thinking of making new rules by coming under the provocation of China. Even now, there is a question of stopping the relations crossing the border. Pampa Bhusal, an MP of the ruling party, has also recently given such a proposal.