What is the difference between Disappearing Messages and View Ones on WhatsApp? Remove Confusion!

View Ones and Disappearing Messages

All social media apps and messaging apps keep making new changes from time to time. Recently WhatsApp has launched its two new features. The first feature is Disappearing Messages and the second is View Once. But many people are confused about these two. The confusion is about what is the big difference between these two. In this article, you will know in detail what are the big differences between these two.

On the surface, it seems that both these features are similar, but no, these two features are quite different.

Disappearing messages

If this feature is enabled, then all messages sent in a group or individually will be automatically discarded after 7 days, meaning they will not be able to be viewed after 7 days. Photos and videos will also not be visible after 7 days, provided the disappearing message option is turned on. If the auto-download option is turned on in one’s phone, the media will be automatically saved in the smartphone’s storage and can be viewed later in the gallery.

View Once feature

If you send a photo or video to someone using this feature, it can be viewed only once. Once viewed, that photo or video cannot be viewed again.

Overall, if you send a photo or video to someone using the Disappearing Message feature, it will be disappeared after 7 days. Anyone you have sent can see it as many times as they want for 7 days. But the View Once feature can be viewed only once, after which that media will disappear. Below we are trying to explain these two in some points so that you can understand them better.

View Ones and Disappearing Messages

Disappearing Messages
If a user does not see his WhatsApp for 7 days, then this message will be automatically deleted or disappear. However, the preview of this message can be seen in WhatsApp. If someone replies to the disappearing message, then it will not be deleted even after 7 days. If someone has taken a backup before the message is disappeared, then this media will also be found in the backup. Such messages can be saved, forwarded or screenshots can also be taken.

View Once
View Once Photos and Videos cannot be forwarded, saved, starred, or shared. If such messages are not seen open for 14 days, then they automatically expire. Photos and videos with new lineage can be restored from backup, but only if you did not open the message while backing up.