Website promoting e-pharmacy on Arogya Setu suspended: Central government


New Delhi: The central government has informed the Delhi High Court that it has suspended a website linked to the official mobile application ‘Arogya Setu’, which was promoting the sale of medicines through e-pharmacy. A petition has requested to remove the website ‘Arogyasetumitra’ from the Arogya Setu mobile app, stating that the website is acting only as a marketing medium of e-pharmacy (sale of medicines through internet). Justice Naveen Chawla disposed of the petition of the ‘South Chemists and Distributors Association’ in view of the Centre’s reply to this petition.

The order was passed on Tuesday, but it was made available on the court website on Wednesday. With the help of Bluetooth and GPS, the Arogya Setu application alerts people who have met people with corona virus infection. Additional Solicitor General Maninder Acharya, appearing for the Center, told the court during the hearing that the operation of ‘Arogyasetumitra’ has been suspended.

He also said that if this website resumes, the authorities will take into account the matters raised by the petitioners. The petition states that ‘Arogyasetumitra’ is a website linked to Arogya Setu in a “highly illegal, arbitrary and discriminatory manner”. According to the petition, this website only promotes e-pharmacy.