Varanasi: For 1 thousand rupees, Indian boy turned to be Nepali a Police case has been registered

Indian who became nepali

Varanasi: In the case of forcible shaving of Nepali citizen in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, a new twist has come on Saturday. According to Varanasi SSP Amit Pathak, the alleged Nepali youth seen in the video is purely Indian. When the police team questioned him for custody, a shocking disclosure has come out. The alleged Nepali youth told that his name is Dharmendra Singh. He works in a sari shop. The SSP said that due to financial constraints due to the lockdown, the members of the institution made a video by luring Rs 1000. After the opening of the secret, the police are now actively searching for Arun Pathak, the founder and main accused of the Vishwa Hindu Sena.

After the matter came to light, a case has been registered against unknown activists including Arun Pathak, founder of Vishwa Hindu Sena. Taking a serious stand in the matter, UP DGP HC Awasthi has ordered a senior officer of Varanasi to conduct an inquiry. Shortly after registering the case, the police started raiding for the arrest. So far 4 people have been arrested. Among them are Santosh Pandey, Raju Yadav, Amit Dubey and Ashish Mishra. At the same time, the main accused Arun Pathak is still away from the police.

Case filed in Bhelupur police station

According to the Varanasi police, a case has been registered against the Bhelupur police station in connection with case number 335/20 Sections 295, 505, 120B, 153A, 67 IT Act, 7 CLA Act in connection with the head of a Nepali person being shaved and the video of offensive slogans going viral. .

Shaved and wrote Jai Sri Ram

Nepali citizen living in Benaras was forcibly shaved on Wednesday. The slogan of Jai Shri Ram was written on the head of that Nepali citizen and the slogan of Nepalese Prime Minister Murdabad was raised. While releasing the video of this on social media, the Vishwa Hindu Sena once again warned Nepali PM KP Sharma (Nepali CM KP Sharma Oli) Oli. At the same time, Nepali citizens living in Benaras have also been warned that if the PM of Nepal makes such statements continuously, then they will have to suffer the consequences.

The picture was released by the Vishwa Hindu Sena

The Vishwa Hindu Sena released a picture on social media, in which the poster is seen sticking in the courtyard of Pashupatinath ji temple. In this poster, it was written that Nepal’s PM Oli should withdraw his statement about Lord Shri Ram, otherwise Nepali citizens will have to bear the consequences. It was only after pasting the posters in the morning that the Vishwa Hindu Sena took a disputed step in the evening and stopped a Nepali citizen going to the banks of the ghat and shaved it.

Slogans against Nepal’s PM

The Nepali citizen was shaved and wrote Jai Shri Ram on his head and he was given Jay Jay Ram’s cheer. Apart from this, slogans of Nepali PM Murdabad were also raised. This Nepali citizen was called that he lives in this country and eats here and Shri Ram was born in India. They are not from Nepal.