Vande Bharat train caught fire, stirring in the railway department

fire in Vande Bharat Train

Bhopal: There was a stir from Bhopal to Delhi when the Vande Bharat Express that left for Hazrat Nizamuddin from Rani Kamalapati railway station caught fire. In Vande Bharat, this fire broke out in the C-14 coach on the morning of 17 July. The accident took place between Bina-Lalitpur at a place named Kurwai. It is feared that the fire might have started from the battery installed in the coach. The Railway Department is probing the matter. After this incident, where there was chaos in the railway department, sensation spread among the passengers. There is no news of any loss of life or property due to a fire in Vande Bharat.

Train number 20171 Bhopal – Hazrat Nizamuddin Vande Bharat left from Rani Kamlapati Railway Station on July 17 at 5.40 am. At the time when the fire incident took place, more than 30 passengers were traveling in the C-14 coach. The time of the fire incident happened at around 7:05 in the morning. All the passengers came out of the coach as soon as the fire broke out. All are safe. Madhya Pradesh’s IAS Avinash Lavania and senior Congress leader Ajay Singh were also present in the Vande Bharat Express when the fire broke out.

Commotion in the coach
Let me tell you, as soon as the passengers of the C-14 coach saw the fire, they created panic. Nobody understood anything. After some time, when the train stopped, all the passengers got out of the train and came out. Passengers told that when they got down and saw, the battery box of the coach was on fire. All the passengers got down and stood on the track. Seeing this incident, people from other coaches also reached the spot.

fire in Vande Bharat Train

The train had to stop for 15-20 minutes
The staff present on the train controlled the fire with the help of fire extinguishers. During this, the railway management had to stop the train at Kurwai Kaithora station for 15 to 20 minutes. After the primary checkup of the train, it was dispatched. However, so far no official information has been shared by the Railway Department regarding this.