Vaccine side effects seen in 447 people in the country so far, 3 hospitalized

corona vaccination

New Delhi: The Vaccine Campaign has started in the country to win the battle of Corona. In the first phase of the Corona Vaccine, 30 million Corona Warriors are being given the first vaccine. The news, which started on January 16, has increased a bit in the midst of this campaign. After taking the Corona vaccine, the Union Health Ministry has said that a total of 447 people have been affected adversely. Three of these people had to be hospitalized.

Please tell that after applying the Corona vaccine, adverse effects of the vaccine are being seen in many people. 52 health workers in Delhi have suffered after getting vaccinated. Some of the health workers taking the vaccine had an allergy complaint, some have said that they started getting nervous after getting the vaccine. In Delhi, one of the 52 health workers who had problems after getting vaccinated had to be admitted to AEFI center. Let us know that till now a total of 2,24,301 people have been given vaccine doses.

corona vaccination

The Delhi Health Minister said that on January 16, 51 health workers were found to have a minor problem after being given the Corona vaccine, while one case appeared to be a little more serious. The health worker who has been admitted is 22 years old and works in security.

This person has been admitted to AIIMS. The remaining 51 were discharged after a brief inspection. Let us know that the government has set up an AEFI center at each center, where the facility of checkup is available in case of side effects after vaccination.