Union Minister RK Ranjan ‘Shocked’ on ‘Law & Order in Manipur, Minister blamed the existing Govt

Union Minister RK Ranjan home on fire

New Delhi: day, after his house was set ablaze by miscreants in Imphal, Union minister Rajkumar Ranjan Singh on Friday, said he was “shocked” with his fellow citizens who are behind the incident and that the law and order situation in BJP-ruled Manipur is a “total failure.”

Using strong words against the Biren Singh government to express his concern over violent clashes in Manipur since May 3, the Minister of State for External Affairs said the existing government in the state could not maintain peace.

“Law and order condition in Manipur is a total failure. The existing government could not maintain the peace that’s why the central government has sent a lot of protections and Rapid Action Force.. I don’t know if the state mechanism is a failure, I feel like that,” Singh told reporters.

Singh, a BJP MP from the Inner Manipur constituency, also informed that this was the second time, a mob has tried to attack his house. Earlier it happened during the day and hence security intervened.

“The first time, I anyhow convinced them and security protected. This time yesterday it was a late night, around 10:30. Everything was normal, but suddenly crowds of people came and attacked, I was told,” he said.

“There is no reason… I am trying to bring peace.. this kind of unwanted thing happened. If my sons and daughters and family happens to be there.. that burning and throwing of petrol, seems to attempt on my life too,” Singh added.

Union Minister RK Ranjan home on fire

While this time the MP was in Delhi at the time of the incident, during last month’s attack, the minister was inside the house when the mob attempted to burn his residence. Reports said that three other members of his family were present in the building.

Last month, a mob, which comprised of Meitei men and women, attacked the MP’s house — who is from the same community — over the deaths in the Manipur violence that claimed dozens of lives in recent weeks.