Twitter gave users a new weapon, instead of blocking, do ‘soft block’


New Delhi: Micro-blogging site Twitter has recently rolled out a feature for its web version, in which you can block users without blocking them. Don’t understand! This means that the user you want to block is just a soft block and you will be done. With this, that user will not be able to see what you tweeted, but he will be able to see your tweets in his feed. The users who will message him will also be able to message them.

How to soft block
If you want to soft block any of your followers then you have to go to your profile. Click on Followers in Profile. After this click on the three dots in front of the follower. Then you have to click on the option of ‘Remove the follower’.


This feature is being said to be very good for such users who do not want to block a follower completely but want to keep a distance from them. But users have to keep in mind that once removed, the same user can follow you again. For people who will be removed or soft blocked, Twitter will not give any information about this.

If you block a user completely, he cannot see what you have posted nor can he direct message you. But this is not the case in soft blocks. Let us tell you that there is a similar feature on the photo-sharing app Instagram – ‘Restrict Account’.