Trump accused of law violation, no trace of gifts received from abroad

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Washington: Two gifts given by foreign nations to former US President Donald Trump and his family have been reported missing. Trump’s family received more than 100 foreign gifts, including gifts from India. The cost of these gifts is said to be around $300,000 (more than Rs 2 crore 47 lahks). According to the Washington Post report, the government investigation found that these gifts were not disclosed to the State Department, which is a violation of federal law.

Government officials from the House Oversight Committee Office have prepared a 15-page report to expose Trump’s gifts. The report pointed out that the Trump family failed to report dozens of gifts from countries that are not US allies or have poor relations with them. According to a Washington Post report, Trump’s family received 16 gifts from Saudi Arabia worth more than $48,000. 17 gifts worth more than $17,000 have been given from India and at least 5 from China. According to the report, Trump reported absolutely zero gifts in the last year of his presidency, while he reported some of the gifts he received in previous years.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Trump was presented with special painting gifts by Salvadoran President Nayab Bukele and a golf club by former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Whose value is being told more than $ 7,000? Trump received this gift in Japan during his visit to the International Golf Club. It was told in the report that these gifts are missing. Trump aides said that gifts given to him during his presidency were his and not the federal government’s, so no reports were provided on the gifts. A record of the annual list of all gifts given by a foreign government to a federal employee is published by the State Department. In 2021, White House officials failed to provide a list of foreign gifts Trump received before leaving office.