Trains will not run till August 15, railway circular signals


New Delhi: Indian Railways has decided to refund the full booking amount of all tickets booked by April 14 for all regular trains. Railways have indicated that regular passenger train services will not be resumed before August. Currently Rail is running only 230 Mail and Express trains as “special trains”. However, the Railway Ministry has repeatedly said that there is a possibility of more trains to meet any demand.

The Railway Ministry has issued a circular to all zones informing them of the decision to cancel all tickets booked on or before April 14 and generate a full refund of tickets. Railways had allowed advance booking of tickets for 120 days. As per current rules, passengers are not required to cancel tickets if the railway cancels the trains and the automatic return process will start. So far, the railways have announced the closure of rail services till 30 June. Now it is felt that this time limit will increase further.

As per railway rules, a train ticket can be booked up to 120 days in advance. Now when the Railways has asked for refund of all tickets before 14 April and earlier, that is, all tickets booked before 15 August will be refunded. So will the trains run after 15 August?

According to sources, the additional trains which will be run by the Railways to meet the demand now, will also be placed in the category of special trains. Significantly, about 230 mail and express trains are running now, the new trains will also be similar to these.