Train Derailment Near Ajmer Disrupts Rail Operations

Train Derailment Near Ajmer

Ajmer: In the late hours of Sunday night, a train derailment occurred near Ajmer, Rajasthan, leading to significant disruptions in the operation of several trains. The incident involved train number 12548, the Sabarmati-Agra Cantt, which derailed close to the home signal at Madar station near Ajmer. The engine and four general coaches were affected by the derailment. Fortunately, there were no casualties reported.

The North Western Railway authorities promptly dispatched railway officials and an accident relief train to the site. Restoration efforts for the track are currently underway, and the unaffected rear portion of the train is being transported to Ajmer.

To assist passengers affected by the disruption, Indian Railways has established a help desk at Ajmer station. A helpline number, 0145-2429642, has been released for passengers to obtain train-related information and updates on the situation.

Canceled Train Services:

  • Train number 12065 (Ajmer-Delhi Sarai Rohilla) for 18th March.
  • Train number 22987 (Ajmer-Agra Fort) for 18th March.
  • Train number 09605 (Ajmer-Gangapur City) for 18th March.
  • Train number 09639 (Ajmer-Rewari) for 18th March.
  • Train number 19735 (Jaipur-Marwar) for 18th March.
  • Train number 19736 (Marwar-Jaipur) for 18th March.

Diverted Train Services:

  • Train No. 12915 (Sabarmati-Delhi) will be rerouted via Dorai-Madar, bypassing Ajmer.
  • Train No. 17020 (Hyderabad-Hisar) will be rerouted via Adarsh Nagar-Madar, bypassing Ajmer.
Train Derailment Near Ajmer

Passengers are advised to verify their travel plans and train schedules before embarking on their journey, as the schedule of trains passing through the affected area may be subject to change. Indian Railways is committed to restoring normal operations as swiftly as possible and regrets any inconvenience caused to travelers.