Tragic Collision in Seoni: Three Dead, Dozens Injured Including SAF Personnel

SAF accident in MP

Seoni(MP): In a devastating turn of events in Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh, a catastrophic collision between a car and a bus transporting Special Armed Forces (SAF) personnel resulted in the loss of three lives and injuries to 26 others. The incident was confirmed by local police authorities.

The collision occurred near Dhangadha village on the Seoni-Mandla state highway, roughly 50 kilometers from Seoni’s district headquarters. It happened around 1 am on Friday, under the cover of night, bringing tragedy to the quiet roads.

Chain Singh Uike, the officer in charge of Keolari police station, reported to the press that the bus was carrying members of the 35th SAF battalion from Mandla to Pandhurna in Chhindwara when it collided with a car containing five individuals.

The impact was fatal for three car occupants: Kanhaiya Jaswani, aged 75, Niklesh Jaswani, aged 45, and the driver, Purushottam Mahobia, aged 37—all residents of Mandla. Two other individuals from the car sustained injuries and are currently receiving medical attention at Keolari Government Hospital.

The aftermath of the accident saw the bus carrying the SAF soldiers overturn, leading to injuries among 26 soldiers. One soldier, who sustained severe injuries, has been transported to Nagpur, Maharashtra, for advanced treatment. The remaining injured soldiers were taken to Kewalari Hospital.

It was revealed that the car’s occupants were on their way back from Nagpur after attending to hospital-related matters. The authorities are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this tragic event to determine its cause and prevent future occurrences.

This incident has cast a somber shadow over the district, highlighting the ever-present dangers on the road and the need for increased safety measures. The community mourns the loss of life and hopes for the swift recovery of the injured.

SAF accident in MP