This year Ayodhya Diwali will be special, Shri Ram Katha will be seen in sky!

500 drones will scatter colorful lights

Ram katha in sky

Ayodhya: According to the news, this time Diwali in Ayodhya will be very special. Yes, let us tell you that this time the government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) made a big plan for the first time on 3rd November in Ayodhya with the help of 500 drones, a great ‘Aerial Drone Show’. has created. In this regard, the UP government has also invited tenders.

Tokyo Olympics air show
Let us tell you that this time it has been thought to make the event ‘even bigger and grand’ through a spectacular 10-12 minute air show in Ayodhya. Be aware that a similar demonstration was also seen at the Tokyo Olympics, where 1824 drones were launched in the air by Intel.

This time in Ayodhya, the UP government wants an agency to do a drone show to show the story of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya and the Ramayana through animation and stimulation. “The agency is expected to present the show with new technology and with international standards,” the state government’s mega proposal states.

It will use pre-LED quadcopters or multirotor, which can fly at a speed of 12 meters per second up to an altitude of 400 meters. Along with this, the speed of the drone will also be calculated for the correct and effective morphing of the visuals in the shortest interval. Along with this, big barricades will be put up in the area for their landing and take-off.

Ram katha in sky

The Grand program will be organized by Intel, will take heavy fees
According to Intel’s website, Intel, the official drone partner of the Tokyo Olympics, has done spectacular drone shows from Coachella to Super Bowl. They have an excellent and top-notch team of Engineers, Animators, and Flight Crew who craft the show in a scintillating manner and make it a reality with gusto. The interesting thing is that Intel also charges a huge fee of about $ 3 lakh (22 million) for the 500 drone show.

What will be special?
Along with this unique and best aerial drone show, this year there will also be a spectacular 3-D holographic show, 3-D projection mapping, and laser show on the buildings of Ram Ki Paidi. At the same time, this colorful program including aerial drones will be of a total of 35 minutes, which will also include an 8-minute 3-D holographic show and a 10-minute 3-D projection mapping show. Trials of all these events will also be done before the program. If seen, this time Ayodhya’s Diwali will be bigger, brighter, and wider.