Third wave of corona will be delayed in India, ICMR report gives relief; Time to get vaccinated


New Delhi: NK Arora, head of the Central Government’s Covid-19 Working Group, said on Sunday that the third wave of corona in the country could be averted by December. Dr. Arora said that the ICMR study has shown that the third wave will come late in the country. He also said that when this happens, the country will get time for vaccination. The government has set a target of giving 1 crore doses every day.

The chairman of the central panel said, “We have 6-8 months to vaccinate everyone in the country.” He also said that in the coming days, the government will vaccinate 1 crore people every day. It also said that the third wave will come because of the Delta Plus variant, it cannot be said right now. However, he did not deny it either.

Dr. Arora told, “Waves are associated with new variants or new mutations, so it is likely because it is a new variant. But it will hit the third wave, it is difficult to say right now because it depends on two or three things.


Can the third wave be stopped?
The fear of the third wave of corona in the country is increasing amid increasing cases of Delta Plus variants, but experts say that it can also be avoided. In countries where more than 20 percent of the population has been vaccinated, there has not been a third wave. In a study by scientists from ICMR and Imperial College London, it has been said that the third wave will not cause havoc like the second wave.