These things will be expensive from today, direct impact on your pocket!

expensive from today

New Delhi: The financial year 2021-22 (Financial Year 2021-22) is beginning in the country from today. The prices of everyday things will go up from today, the direct effect of which is going to be read on your pocket. In this, everything will be expensive, including flights, mobile phones, bike cars, TVs, steel, AC, fridges and coolers. That is, inflation is going to be hit on the general public from today. Let us know in detail what things are going on and how expensive it is.

Flight Rate
Air travel will be expensive in the country from today. Explain that, the government had announced to increase the minimum fare of domestic flights by five per cent. From today, airport security fees for domestic and international passengers have been increased. That means your pocket is going to heat up.

Mobile Phone
During the budget session, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced to increase import duty on mobile phones, which will make mobile phones too expensive from today. Along with the phones, accessories like charger, adapter, battery will also be expensive.

In India, the price of most vehicles, including bike-cars, will increase from today. It is known that many automobile companies like Maruti and Nissan have announced to increase the price of vehicles. The companies were cited to increase the cost behind, but how much will be increased, it has not been given information yet.

TV prices have become expensive due to the ban on goods imported from China. From today on TV, you will have to pay more than 2 to 3 thousand rupees.

From today you will have to pay more for steel. Due to persistent cost of raw materials in the domestic market and the fall in production, it is believed to be the reason for the increase in prices.

AC, Fridge & Cooler
Starting today, you will have to pay more for AC, fridge and cooler. Companies have also made AC-fridges and coolers more expensive after raw materials become expensive.

expensive from today

Insurance companies are ready to increase the price of insurance premium from today. Companies have made the insurance premium expensive, citing increased insurance costs and expenses in the coronas.

Alcohol is expensive in UP
In Uttar Pradesh, both domestic and foreign liquor has been made expensive since today. Be aware, permit fees have been increased on foreign liquor, Scotch, Wine and Vodka. At the same time, beer in UP will be available for 10 to 30 rupees at cheaper prices.

New toll rates on Agra-Lucknow Expressway
From today onwards, you will have to go through the Agra-Lucknow Expressway. Because the new toll rates will be applicable from today. A hike of at least Rs 5 and a maximum of Rs 25 was announced in the toll.

Electricity costlier in Bihar
From today the electricity rates will be expensive for the people of Bihar as the electricity rates have increased by zero decimal six three percent. Due to which electricity in Bihar will be expensive by 5 to 10 paise per unit.