There is a temple of Corona Mahadev in this city of MP

protects from epidemics

corona temple

Betul (M.P) There has been an uproar over the Corona infection across the country, just before the worship of Corona Mai in Bihar’s Barauni district, there was talk of worship.

After this, now the temple of Mahadev with corona in Betul district of MP remains a matter of discussion. It is being said that here Mahadev protects people from epidemics. Betul’s Chichuli town is spared from the outbreak of Corona infection, due to which people believe Mahadev of Corona, he says that it is Mahadev’s grace here, due to which an epidemic cannot come.

It is said that in the Chichli police station complex of Betul, there was an old temple of Shivji, where a small idol of God was installed, but the branch of a tree fell on the temple, causing the temple and the idol to be fragmented, then came to the police station. The new in-charge RD Sharma vowed to build the temple from the installation of the idol of God.

After this, the time of Mr. Sharma’s retirement was coming to a close, during this time he completed the construction work of the temple, following the social distancing, in collaboration with two pundits to get the idol established by law, during this time, patients of Corona from Betul district Started coming, even not a single person got infected in Chichli, on the advice of the people, before retirement TI named the temple as Mahadev with Corona. Now people believe that the corona epidemic has not spread in Chichli here.