The patient may suffer from infection even if the corona report is negative

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New Delhi: It is very strange but facts cannot be denied. And the latest update in the case of Corona is that patients whose corona test is coming negative, those patients can also suffer from this disease! This thing came to light recently after an investigation conducted on a patient admitted to Delhi AIIMS.

In fact, after an 80-year-old patient with symptoms similar to a corona infection, doctors conducted a corona test. This test came negative for the first time, then the second-third and fourth time were also tested. But the test of the patient came negative every time and the symptoms of Covid-19 were continuously visible in them. Taking care of this perplexing situation based on his experiences, the doctors started treating the patient with Covid-19.

Shortly after this, instead of having the corona test of the patient, testing of corona antibodies was done in his body. So its result was completely reversed by the old investigation. Antibodies of the corona were found in the patient’s body. Now you think that when the patient did not have a corona on the basis of the examination, then how did the antibodies come into the body! That is, the Covid-19 virus is also glowing in those tests, which till now were considered to be the basis of its investigation.

However, after treatment, when the symptoms of corona in the patient stopped showing, then the patient has been discharged from the hospital. But after the arrival of this case, many new questions related to corona crisis have arisen in front of health experts. Because the RT-PCR test on which the patient’s corona infection was tested is now considered to be the world’s most reliable Covid-19 test.

Antibodies are the proof of this
If the question that arises in your mind is how did the antibodies prove that the patient had a corona infection … then know that the antibodies that prevent any virus or infection from growing in the human body are immune cells. There are cells.

When the virus enters our body, our body scans the virus thoroughly and finds out what kind of antibodies would have to be made to kill the virus. That is, if the corona test of a person has come negative but antibodies of corona are found in his body, then it should be understood that the investigation report of the person is not coming true.

In this case, the patient was showing signs of corona, but this condition can also occur when a patient does not show signs of corona but he can also get cured by becoming infected with corona. Here once again I want to remind you that new information related to Corona is coming all the time. In such a situation, instead of taking stress due to such news, it would be better to keep your body strong and keep increasing your information to avoid this infection.