The owner of this new IPL team in trouble, BCCI has not given clearance yet, know why?


Mumbai: For the season-15 of IPL i.e. IPL 2022, BCCI had already announced the addition of 2 new teams. After which the BCCI auction was organized last month. Ahmedabad and Lucknow, 2 new franchise teams were found in this auction. However, the BCCI is still probing the business links of CVC CAPITALS, the firm that owns the Ahmedabad team. It is reported that ‘Letter of Intent’ (LOI) has not been given by BCCI to ‘CVC Sports’ yet.

The BCCI had announced the auction for the new teams of Lucknow and Ahmedabad, in which RPSG Group made the highest bid of Rs 7090 crore and bought the Lucknow team. And, ‘CVC Sports’ won the Ahmedabad team (Ahmedabad IPL Franchise Team) by making the highest bid of Rs 5625 crores. But, just the day after the auction, there was talk of CVC Capital Partners investing in betting companies, following the same news that it is getting delayed.

Representatives of ‘CVC Sports’ are trying to convince BCCI that their investment in UK betting firms is completely legal. According to sources, CVC has taken up the matter in India and Dubai. Spoke to BCCI officials. Meanwhile, the news is also coming that BCCI’s decision on this matter will come in a day or two.

It is worth noting that after the matter of investment in betting companies of ‘CVC CAPITAL’ came to light, the legal team of BCCI started an investigation in this matter. According to sources in the BCCI, the participating parties have already been informed that if their business roots are not investigated till the time of the auction, then the BCCI can investigate later as well.


The ‘CVC CAPITAL’ has not yet given any statement on this matter. But, there is definitely a discussion that the decision may be in their favor. Sources reveal that investors have claimed that many big foreign companies have invested in betting companies, with a large stakeholder of BCCI. He has also said that it is not illegal in any way, as the ruckus has been created.

After the talk of ‘CVC CAPITALS’ investing in betting companies, fingers were first pointed at the BCCI, and it was feared that the IPL was under the threat of fixing and betting. Lalit Modi, the chief planner of the IPL concept and the former chief of the IPL (currently an absconding accused in the eyes of the courts of India), also targeted the BCCI in this matter and put it in the dock.