The new Income Tax Portal will be launched on June 7, know all the important things about this portal

new Income Tax Portal

New Delhi: The Ministry of Finance, Government of India is going to launch a new Income Tax on 7 June 2021. The new portal will be more modern and will be very easy for the taxpayers. Because its purpose is to reduce the hassle for the taxpayers. Currently, the work of filing income tax returns and forms is currently done on the portal Earlier this portal used to facilitate the online filing of income tax returns, audit reports, and many other forms. In the last few years, many other modules have also been added to it which allow faceless assessment, appeal, and reply to notices. These come under its compliance section.

These problems were coming
The existing portal is currently functioning well, but near the due date, there have been instances of difficulties in its functioning, besides, less capacity in uploading documents of taxpayers, filing audit reports, or responding to assessments or other notices. There are cases of difficulties in giving. At the same time, it is also quite confusing for many taxpayers.

new Income Tax Portal

These will be some important features in the new income tax portal

  • The new taxpayer-friendly portal can immediately process Income Tax Return (ITR), so that it can issue taxpayers’ refunds soon.
  • All interactions and uploads or pending actions will appear on a single dashboard so that taxpayers can complete them.
  • Free ITR Preparation Software will be available both online and offline and will have interactive questions so that taxpayers can easily file their ITR even if they do not have tax information. Information in it will be prefilled and this will greatly reduce the tax entry work of taxpayers.
  • To help taxpayers, there will be a new call center in which their questions will be answered immediately, along with tutorials, videos and things like chatbot / live agent will also be in it.
  • All the major portal functions found on the desktop will also be available on the mobile app, which will give full access to the mobile network at any time later.
  • A new online tax payment system will be implemented on the new portal and many new payment options will be given in it. These will have payment options like NetBanking, UPI, Credit Card, and RTGS / NEFT. Taxpayers will be able to pay their taxes from any bank.

For the past few years, the Income Tax Department has been trying to integrate systems of automatic information exchange with different domestic and international authorities. The Income Tax Department is analyzing and collecting data on investments and other expenses of credit card companies, taxpayers. Taxpayers’ data is being analyzed at 360 degrees and the department has also included Artificial Intelligence to prevent tax evasion.

In addition, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has also launched version 3.0 of the online portal to improve existing services and modules and include e-education, compliance management system, advanced helpdesk, feedback services, user dashboard, self-reporting tools and new master New functionalities such as data services can be incorporated. These new portals will synchronize the back-ends of different government departments like Income Tax, MCA, and GST and will allow easy flow of information. This time will tell how the new income tax portal will work and whether it will be able to succeed in its cause and whether it will be able to provide some benefits to taxpayers, professionals, and the income tax department.