The heat of March sets a record, the third-warmest month in 121-year history

warm day

New Delhi: The Meteorological Department has said that the month of March has been historically hot. According to the department, this March is the third-warmest month in the last 121 years (third warmest March). During the review meeting of the department, it was revealed that the maximum average temperature of the whole country was 32.65 degrees Celsius in the month of March.

The department has said that during the month of March, the temperature in many parts of the country also crossed 40 degree Celsius. The department said that the month of March this time has been the hottest in the last 11 years. Earlier in 2010, the average maximum temperature in the country was 33.09 and in 2004 it was 32.82. This time the heat broke the record on Holi as well. In the month of March itself, a heat like May was felt. On the day of Holi, a maximum temperature of 40.1 degrees was recorded in Safdarjung, Delhi. This is the highest temperature in the month of March after 1945. The rising temperature has increased the concern of the people.

warm day

For the first time in 76 years, Delhi’s temperature crossed 40 in March
This is the first time in 76 years that the temperature in Delhi has crossed 40 in March. The temperature in the country’s capital has been recorded 8 degrees above normal. People were seen distracted by the heat.
On March 29, Delhi’s mercury reached 40.1 degrees Celsius.

According to meteorologists, for the first time after the year 1945 in Delhi, the heat has been seen so fast. On March 29, the mercury in Delhi reached 40.1 degree Celsius. This had never happened before. For the first time in the month of March, a warm breeze was felt like walking in Delhi. Before this, the feeling of this has usually been in April only.