The Election Commission instructs the political parties to strictly enforce the Corona Rules


New Delhi: The Central Election Commission on Wednesday issued a notification regarding political parties. In which it is asked to follow the Corona Guidelines during the campaigning. The notification issued on Wednesday said, “The Commission is serious about the laxity on the part of parties and candidates in rallies organized by political parties during the election campaign.”

It is to be known that in the first and second week of November, by-elections are to be held on 58 seats of seven states along with Bihar Assembly. For which political parties are campaigning loudly. But in the meantime, the general rules for the corona virus are being flouted. Leaders as well as activists and people attending rallies are seen without masks and following social distance. Thousands of people are gathering in one place.

Bihar assembly elections

Rules made by the Commission:

  • The door-to-door campaign in the election is subject to restrictions. Only five people, including the candidate, have been allowed to go door-to-door for campaigning. However, this does not include the number of security personnel.
  • The distance between two convoys of vehicles should be half an hour instead of 100 meters.
  • Everyone will wear a face mask during every election-related activity.
  • All individuals will have thermal screening.
  • Sanitizer, soap and water must be provided at each booth.
  • Large halls should be chosen as booths and counting centers to maintain social distance.
  • Nomination form will be available online. Affidavits can also be filled online.
  • Candidates can deposit the security deposit online though there will also be an option to deposit cash.
  • Only two persons can accompany the candidate to submit nomination. Only two vehicles will be allowed during this time.
  • The promotion will be done digitally. Adherence to social distance will be mandatory during the election campaign.
  • No more than seven counting tables should be allowed in the counting hall. Therefore, three to four halls can be taken for counting the votes of a constituency
  • The maximum number of voters at a polling station in Bihar will now be 1,000 instead of 1,500.
  • No more than 100 people will attend the election rally.