Strictness continues on China, anti-dumping duty will continue to be imposed on many products


New Delhi: Anti-dumping duty may continue on Resin Bonded Thin Wheels imported from China. Anti-dumping investigation has started on resin bonded thin wheels. The Director General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has issued a notification to investigate these wheels being imported from China. Actually, Grindwell Norton and Carborundum Universal demanded this.

DGTR has started an investigation for anti-dumping duty
Apart from this, the anti-dumping duty can also be continued on Textured Tempered Coated Glass imported from China. According to sources, the period of duty on textured tapered coated and uncoated glass can be extended. Anti-dumping duty on glass imported from China may continue as DGTR has started an investigation for this. For this Borosil Renewables had demanded. Let us tell you that the anti-dumping duty is expiring on August 17, 2022.

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Duty will continue on plain medium density fiberboard as well
Anti-dumping duty may also continue on Plain Medium Density Fibreboard coming from China. According to government sources, also DGTR has started an investigation and issued notification. For this, Greenply Ind, GreenPanel Ind, and Rushil Decor had demanded an inquiry. Let us tell you that the situation between India and China is not normal for a long time. Since last year till now, India has imposed many strict sanctions on China. At the same time, many agreements between the two countries have also been canceled.