Sonu Sood asked for 50 liver transplants for promotion of hospital, said – ‘This is magic’

Sonu Sood

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, engaged in his service by becoming a ‘messiah’ for the people, has been helping people continuously for the last two and a half years. Whoever asks for their help on social media, they do everything possible to extend their helping hand. His fans do not get tired of praising his move. Recently, the fans are not tired of praising him after knowing the demand he made in exchange for promoting a hospital (Sonu Sood fees for promoting hospital).

Whatever Sonu Sood earns from advertisements or endorsements. Use this money to help people. Recently he himself revealed that in return for promoting a hospital (Sonu Sood liver transplants as endorsement fees) he demanded 50 liver transplants.

‘Messiah’ is ready to do anything to help people
Disclosing this in an interview given to The Man magazine, Sonu Sood said that whatever money he has earned from the last few advertisements or endorsements, he has given it all to charity. The actor said that sometimes those people give money directly to the school or hospital, sometimes the money goes through our charity. We are ready to do anything.

The actor told how he sought help
The actor further said in this conversation, let me give you a small example. A gentleman named Wilson from Aster Hospital who joined me on a recent trip to Dubai said they want to cooperate with them so I said I will promote your hospitals, but give me 50 liver transplants, Whose cost is around 12 crores.

Transplant is going on for two people
He further told that transplants of two such people are going on right now, who may never be able to afford it in life. That’s the magic. People come to you and ask how can we help you and then we find a way.

Sonu Sood’s work front
Talking about Sonu Sood’s work front, he will soon be seen in the film ‘Prithviraj’, whose trailer has been released recently. Apart from this, Sonu Sood will also be seen in ‘Fateh’ and a Tamil film. Sonu Sood is currently hosting ‘Roadies’.