Similar corona genome found in 19 states, Signs of early relief from COVID-19

Hyderabad-based CCMB

New Delhi: The rising cases of Coronavirus may be bothering everyone, but scientists have indicated relief in the coming days. According to scientists, till now different forms were appearing in every state of Corona, but only one or two types of genome (coronavirus genome) are visible in infected patients for the last one month. According to scientists, the A2A genome of Corona has been found in 19 states of the country.

Scientists of Hyderabad-based CCMB had gathered more than 1 thousand clades from across the country to get more information about the corona. In the investigation, scientists found that in 617 patients, A2A genome was found while 249 genomes are associated with A3I strain. Both strains of Corona are less effective than the rest. According to scientists, due to the less effective of these genomes, the infected patients recover soon. This type of genome is less fatal and it does not have serious consequences on the patient.

CCMB Director Dr. Rakesh Mishra informed that for the first time 1031 clads have been collected from 33 labs of 19 states. It is said that out of the 1031 clades collected from these states, 65 percent are male and 35 percent are female patients. The thing that gives relief in the examination of the genome of the patients is that the corona is not changing its form now. This will help doctors to treat it as well. Also, the types of genomes found in patients are not very dangerous.

So far 16,475 people have died due to corona in the country
Corona virus cases in the country are creating new records every day. So far, 5 lakh 48 thousand 318 people have been infected with Corona in the country, whereas 16,475 people have died. Let us know that there are 210120 active cases in the country while 321722 patients have recovered and gone home. Corona’s recovery rate in India has reached 59%.