Renowned Vrindavan Saint Premanand Maharaj Recovers After Health Scare

Vrindavan Saint Premanand Maharaj

Vrindavan: In a sudden turn of events, Premanand Maharaj, a revered saint from the Radhavallabhiya sect in Vrindavan, experienced acute chest pain last Friday evening, prompting immediate medical attention. His concerned disciples rushed him to the Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram Hospital in Vrindavan, where he underwent a thorough medical examination.

The incident occurred shortly after the evening aarti at around 7:15 pm at his residence, Shri Krishna Sharanam, located on Chhatikara Marg. The sudden onset of chest pain raised alarms among his followers, who acted swiftly to ensure the saint received the care he needed.

At the hospital, Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta, a cardiologist, attended to Maharaj. He performed an echocardiogram among other tests to ascertain the cause of the discomfort. Fortunately, the test results returned normal, and the saint was subsequently discharged, much to the relief of his disciples and followers.

It is noteworthy that Maharaj has been managing chronic kidney issues, and undergoing regular dialysis treatments at his ashram. Despite these health challenges, he continues to be a pillar of spiritual guidance and support for his community. Even in the face of adversity, he makes the nightly journey to Shrihit Radhakeli Kunj Ashram in Ramanreti. There, he engages in worship and imparts wisdom, urging devotees to lead righteous lives.

Vrindavan Saint Premanand Maharaj

Swami Kalikrishnanand Maharaj, the co-secretary of the hospital, confirmed the saint’s admission and subsequent discharge, emphasizing that the medical team performed all necessary examinations and found no cause for concern.

The community breathes a sigh of relief as Saint Premanand Maharaj returns to his ashram, continuing his spiritual teachings and inspiring many with his resilience and dedication.