Reliance Jio-BP launches first mobility station, many facilities will be available with petrol-diesel and EV charging

Joint Venture Reliance BP Mobility Limited

Mumbai: Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and energy giant BP (BP) have jointly started their first mobility station. Both the companies said in a joint statement on Tuesday that at this mobility station, customers will have the option of many types of fuel including an electric vehicle charging station. This petrol pump of Fuel and Mobility Joint Venture Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) has been started in Navade, Navi Mumbai.

Reliance’s 1400 petrol pumps to be rebranded
Reliance BP Mobility Limited said that Jio-BP is starting a network of world-class mobility stations in the challenging environment affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Many fuel options will be made available to the consumers at these stations. In 2019, BP acquired a 49 per cent stake in over 1,400 Reliance Petrol Pumps and 31 ATF Stations owned by Reliance. Now these more than 1,400 petrol pumps will be re-branded as Jio-BP.

Jio-BP has plans to make petrol pump 5500
Reliance’s existing petrol pumps were transferred to this joint venture. Under the joint venture, it is planned to take the number of petrol pumps to 5,500 by 2025. Reliance holds a 51 per cent stake in RBML. The country’s auto fuel retail sector is dominated by public sector petroleum companies. Of the total 78,751 petrol pumps in the country, most are owned by government companies. RBML has 1,427 outlets, while Rosneft-backed Naira Energy has 6,250 petrol pumps. At the same time, the number of petrol pumps of Shell is 285.

Apart from fuel, customers will get many other facilities
India’s fuel and transportation market is growing rapidly. In the next 20 years, it will be one of the fastest-growing fuel markets in the world. In such a situation, Geo-BP mobility stations will be built keeping in mind the convenience of the customers. In addition to fuel, EV charging facility, refreshment and food, low carbon solutions will be provided to the customers at these stations. Here high-quality petrol-diesel and vehicle lubricants will be made available to the customers.

Additives Fuel will be available instead of normal fuel
Additivised fuel will be provided to the customers at Jio-BP mobility stations instead of normal petrol and diesel. No additional cost will be charged from the customers for this. The fuel available at these stations will be based on the internationally developed Active Technology. This fuel will form a protective layer on the delicate parts of the engine. This will keep the engine clean for a long time. Not only this, two-wheeler drivers will not have to pay any charges for getting Castrol lubricants replaced by buying them from express oil change outlets.

Jio-BP will provide all these facilities to the customers
People driving electric vehicles across the country will get the facility of EV charging and battery swapping at Jio-BP Mobility Stations. Apart from this, separate mobility points will also be created under this joint venture, at which an EV charging facility will be provided to the customers. A refreshment facility will be provided to the customers at Jio BP Mobility Stations through Wild Bean Café. Wild Bean Cafe provides snacks and confectionery items in association with Reliance Retail. Apart from this, customers will also get Masala Chai, Samosa, Upma, Paneer Tikka Roll and Chocolate Lava Cake.