Reliance Industries joins the list of world’s top 50 companies, market cap crosses Rs 13 lakh crore

Reliance Industries Limited
  • RIL shares at record level
  • Chevron Corporation, Oracle, Unilever lag behind Reliance
  • TCS also included in the top 100 list

New Delhi: Reliance Industries Limited, the country’s largest company in terms of market capitalization, has now joined the list of 50 Most Valued Companies in the world. Also, Reliance Industries (RIL Market Cap) has now become the first company in India with a market capitalization of Rs 13 lakh crore. From oil to telecom sector, RIL has reached 48th position in the list of 50 most valuable companies in the world.

Saudi Aramco is at the top of this list, with a total market cap of $ 1.7 trillion. After this, giants like Apple Inc, Microsoft, Amazon Inc and Alphabet are named.

RIL shares at record level
After a day’s trading on Thursday, RIL’s stock rose from 3.59 percent to Rs 2,076 per share on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). With this, the total market cap of the company has crossed Rs 13 lakh crore. RIL has become the first Indian company to cross this level.

If the shares recently issued under the RIL Rights Issue are also added, the total market cap of RIL crosses Rs 13.5 lakh crore. It is 181 billion US dollars. So far there has been no Indian company whose market cap has reached this level.

These giants lag behind Reliance
Talking about some other companies in the world, this market cap of Reliance Industries is more than the market cap of companies like Chevron Corporation, Oracle, Unilever, Bank of China, BHP Group, Royal Dutch Shell and Softbank.

TCS also included in the top 100 list
Reliance is ranked 10th in the list of companies with the highest market cap in Asia. Globally, Alibaba Group of China is at the 7th position. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is also included in the list of 100 valuable companies of the world. The price of one share of TCS on BSE is Rs. 2,170.75. Currently, TCS has a market cap of $ 109 billion, or Rs 8.14 lakh crore.