Rates of bitcoin, ether, other cryptocurrencies also fell below record high


Mumbai: After touching a record high on Tuesday, the prices of Bitcoin are seeing a decline today. Today on Wednesday afternoon the price of one bitcoin is running at the US $ 66,529. Similarly, today there has been a fall in the ether. Both cryptos have come down from their highs. Today the entire cryptocurrency market is showing a decline.

Both bitcoin and ether crypto have more than doubled since June. Since the beginning of October, an increase of about 70 percent has been registered against the dollar.

$95 million investment last week
The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has registered a decline of one percent. So far this year it has registered an increase of 131 percent. According to data from CoinShares, a record investment of up to $6.4 billion has been reached in bitcoin products and funds. It saw an investment of $95 million last week.

Ether down 1 percent
At the same time, the second-largest cryptocurrency ethereum ie Ether is seeing a decline of 1 percent and it is seen at $ 4,747. With the rise in bitcoin, there was a rise in ether. The price of Dogecoin has fallen 3 percent to $ 0.27. Shiba Inu has also fallen 3 percent to $ 0.000054. Similarly, there is a decline in XRP, Polkadot, Solana.


Cardano up 6 percent at $2.25
However, Cardano is seen increasing 6 percent at $2.25. While Litecoin is trading up 7 percent at $ 260.69. The journey of bitcoin has been full of ups and downs. This cryptocurrency went below $30,000 in July. After this recovery was seen in it. It touched its high level in the month of October.

Both bitcoin and ethereum cryptocurrencies have been giving 70 percent higher returns against the dollar since October. The rally in bitcoin and other currencies started from the month of October. After the launch of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) of cryptocurrencies in the US last month, their prices have seen a steady increase. This was the first bitcoin ETF launched.