UP Elections Opinion Poll What do the results of the opinion polls say?


Lucknow: Although assembly elections are going to be held in 5 states in the country, most of the eyes are on Uttar Pradesh. Perhaps this is the reason why the UP assembly elections are also called mini Lok Sabha elections. In the midst of all this, the results of the opinion polls conducted by various survey agencies and media organizations regarding the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2022 have come. Barring DB Live (144 to 152 seats for BJP), all major agencies have predicted more than 200 seats for BJP. In the Poll of Polls also, it has come to the fore that the BJP will get 221 to 231 seats. Samajwadi Party (SP) is expected to emerge as the second-largest party in the state. At the same time, Bahujan Samaj Party and Congress can remain at number three and fourth respectively.

Pole of Polls

In this, the ruling BJP is expected to get 221 to 231 seats in Uttar Pradesh. If this turns out to be true, then the BJP will get an absolute majority in the 403 assembly seats in the Uttar Pradesh assembly. At the same time, the Samajwadi Party has been told to get 147 to 157 seats. According to the results of the Poll of Polls, the SP will be the second party. At the same time, BSP is expected to get 7 to 13 seats, while Congress can get 5 to 9 seats. According to the results of the Poll of Polls, BSP and Congress will be the third and fourth number party respectively in the 2022 UP assembly elections.


C Voter and India TV stats
In the survey of C Voter, BJP has been estimated to get 223 to 235 seats. At the same time, SP is likely to get 145 to 157 seats. BSP and Congress have been told to get 8 to 16 and 3 to 7 seats respectively. The results of India TV’s opinion poll have also come out. In this, BJP is likely to get 230 to 235 seats, while SP can get 160 to 165 seats. BSP has been predicted to get 1 to 5 seats and Congress 3 to 7 seats.

Republic-P MARQ and DB Live
In the opinion poll of Republic-P Mark, BJP has been predicted to get 252 to 272 seats. In this survey, it has been said that SP will get 111 to 131 seats. At the same time, BSP can get 8 to 16 seats and Congress can get 3 to 9 seats. In the survey of DB Live, the government of SP is seen to be formed. In the opinion poll of DB Live, the possibility of getting 203 to 211 seats has been predicted for the SP. At the same time, BJP may have to be satisfied with only 144 to 152 seats. BSP is likely to get 12 to 20 seats and Congress 19 to 27 seats.