Deepening crisis on Gehlot government in Rajasthan, 24 MLAs visited hotel


New Delhi: The crisis is growing in Rajasthan on Ashok Gehlot government. On Saturday, CM Gehlot attacked the BJP accusing the BJP of toppling the government, while the BJP said that the whole matter is within the Congress. Due to the rapid change in the political events of Rajasthan on Saturday, the events of Madhya Pradesh are seen repeating there.

There is a strong discussion of mutual tussle between CM Gehlot and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. These discussions gained strength when the pilot is in Delhi since Friday. Not only this, 24 MLAs from Rajasthan reached a big hotel in Manesar, Haryana on Saturday night. This seems to be the same situation as many MLAs who supported Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh first stayed in a resort in Gurgaon and then Karnataka in Haryana.

SOG reveals conspiracy to topple Gehlot government

Pilot is in touch with BJP?
Interestingly, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, a key member of the Young Brigade, both Pilot and Scindia are very good friends. There is also a discussion among all the discussions that the pilots are in touch with the BJP. According to sources, when attempts were made to contact the party, phone calls of several Rajasthan MLAs were switched off. It is learned that Congress general secretary and in-charge of the state Avinash Pandey also reached Jaipur on Saturday.

Pilot and supporter minister absent from Gehlot’s meeting
Amid the rapidly changing developments, CM Ashok Gehlot called a meeting of his ministers late in the night in which Pilot and all his supporting ministers did not attend. The pilot is said to be unable to attend the meeting as he is in Delhi. However, despite being the state president, there is already resentment over the formation of the Congress government in the state by the CM.