Congress charges, donations have come from Chinese companies in PM Cares

Abhishek Manu Singhvi

New Delhi: After BJP questioned the funding of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, the Congress retaliated on Sunday alleging that Chinese companies were donating to the Prime Minister’s Civil Assistance and Emergency Relief Fund (PM-Cares) and asked when there is a tense standoff between India and China at the border in Ladakh, so why is this money being accepted.

Chinese currency

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “18 meetings” with Chinese President Xi Jinping during the past six years and asked why he had not called China an “attacker” so far. Singhvi’s statement came hours after Prime Minister Modi said during a ‘Mann ki Baat’ program on the radio that India has given a fair response to those keeping a bad eye on its land in Ladakh.

Singhvi said, “I request the Prime Minister to say that China is the aggressor”. “The most worrying and alarming fact is that Prime Minister Modi received donations from Chinese companies in his (personally visible) PM Cares fund,” Singhvi said at the digital press conference. He said, “The Prime Minister of India will compromise his position by accepting donations of hundreds of crores of rupees from Chinese companies in a controversial and opaque manner, so how will he protect the country against Chinese aggression?” Prime Minister Modi needs to answer. “

The PM Cares Fund was created in March this year with the objective of dealing with any emergent situation due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. Since then, some opposition parties have been demanding that donations to the fund be made public. Singhvi also alleged that the BJP had links with the Communist Party of China (CPC) since 2007 and that its presidents like Rajnath Singh, Nitin Gadkari and Amit Shah had maximum contact with China.

He claimed, “There is no political party in the history of India whose presidents have had so much contact with China in the last 13 years.” He said Singh had talks with the CPC in January 2007 and October 2008, in January 2011 Gadkari went to China on a five-day official visit and Shah sent a delegation of party legislators to China in early 2014. Singhvi said that it seems that national security is not important for this government. He sarcastically said, “I, mine, for me” are important for this government and the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. “

The Congress spokesperson demanded that Modi should say that “China has infiltrated Indian territory” and captured posts and land. Singhvi said, “The Prime Minister should say that we are not going to compromise and we will drive China back.” He said that if he does so, the entire country including the opposition will stand behind him. Paying tribute to the 20 soldiers who were martyred in a violent clash with the People’s Liberation Army of China in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh, the Prime Minister said in a ‘Mann ki Baat’ on the radio that India’s valiant sons showed that they never showed respect to Mother Bharati Will not let it burn.

Without naming China, he said, “Those looking at the land of India in Ladakh have received a befitting reply. India knows how to maintain friendship, it is also to look in the eyes and give appropriate answers. ” The Congress is accusing the Prime Minister of “misleading” the country over Chinese infiltration and deadlock on the border in Ladakh. The party quoted experts as claiming that China had captured Indian posts and land. On the other hand, the BJP targeted the Congress and accused that its Rajiv Gandhi Foundation took funds from China.

The Foundation is headed by Sonia Gandhi. Referring to the PM Cares Fund, Singhvi said that as of May 20, Rs 9,678 crore had come to this fund. He, however, did not provide further details. Singhvi said, “What is shocking is that despite Chinese forces encroaching our territory, the Prime Minister received funds from Chinese companies in this fund… Will the Prime Minister reply that in spite of Chinese hostility in 2013 he got Chinese help in this fund Why did you get it. ” He alleged that in this controversial fund Huawei gave Rs seven crore, Tiktok gave Rs 30 crore, Paytm gave Rs 100 crore, Xiaomi gave Rs 15 crore and Oppo gave one crore.